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Lyme Disease Screening Clinic and Symposium
Organization: Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve
Description: Saint Vincent College Equestrian Program, in cooperation with K. Vet Animal Care of Greensburg, Merial Company and IDEXX Laboratories, will sponsor a lyme disease screening clinic and symposium that focuses on ticks and tick-borne diseases of pets and horses from 2 to 5 p.m. Saturday, April 27 at the Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve, adjacent to Saint Vincent College.

The purpose of the clinic is to help area residents reduce the epidemic tick infections of dogs and horses in western Pennsylvania.

“Ticks can transmit bacteria within 48 hours and pet owners are sometimes unaware that their dog has been infected,” organizers commented. “The use of topical prevention for ticks and fleas is not a guarantee that a dog has not been bitten. Signs of lyme disease mimic other ailments in the early stages and sometimes take months to be identified. Intermittent lameness, soreness, lethargic behaviors and aches can be confused with a dog’s age, muscle and joint conditions or simply overlooked. Owners who suspect changes or are just concerned with their dog’s health can have affordable assurance with timely results. This clinic will screen for the tick-borne bacteria and alert owners to seek veterinarian care in the event a test is positive.”

The symposium is designed to be of interest to horse and dog owners as well as veterinarians, animal health vendors and researchers.

Participants will have an opportunity to have their dogs screened for lyme disease, learn about lyme disease, prevention, life cycle and care of infected horses and dogs and speak with experienced veterinary professionals.

Keynote presentation on ticks and tick borne illness in dogs and horses by Dr. Alexandra Kintz-Konegger, DVM, will begin at 2:30 p.m. Informational kiosks, booths, result reports and vaccinations and roundtable question and answer discussion will open at 3:15 p.m.

Admission is free but there is a charge for the tick disease screening test ($30 per dog with online preregistration or $35 per dog at the door).

Further details are available on the web at or by contacting Dr. Veronica Ent at 724-805-2096,

Location: Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve, Latrobe

Date & Time:

Registration is required

Contact information:
Contact: Dr. Veronica Ent
Phone: (724) 805-2096

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