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IMDb - Internet Movie Database
March 2001

It's almost time to reveal who will win Hollywood's top honors at this year's Academy Award ceremony. Who will Oscar smile upon in 2001? If you love movies and you can't get enough information about them, the Internet Movie Database is for you. This extensively researched warehouse of facts boasts a powerful search engine for its contents, allowing you to search by titles, people, characters, quotes, biographical entries, even plot lines. Though called a "movie" database, the site has expanded to also include thousands of television productions.
There are plenty of bells and whistles here to satisfy buffs, including customizable result lists, contests, trivia and top news stories. Every scrap of information is linked dozens of ways, making browsing very easy. Plus, the links entice fans towards all kinds of unexpected new resources. Tons of pictures enhance the experience, and non-stop updates keep the page always fresh. The site also allows visitors to submit movie reviews of their own.

But the real attraction is the gargantuan amount of information about movies and television shows that you can find here. Type in a title, and you'll find: full cast and production credits; soundtrack; trivia; goofs; awards; release dates; filming locations; trailers; photographs; technical specs; posters; reviews; and links to official and fan-based sites for even more info. This is one site that is indispensable for anyone who likes entertainment.

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