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March 2002 - defunct

When you are surfing the web, remember that the internet is becoming more global every day. Not everyone speaks English, even on their web pages. Several translation tools exist to help you navigate the ever-more-aptly named World Wide Web. (Below are four free versions.) Generally speaking, these sites translate both ways. If you find a site in English, you can view the site's contents in another language. If you happen across a site in another language, you can have it translated into English. Some of the sites will even let you type in your own words and have them translated instantly. (Be warned, however, the translations tend to be very literal and do not always handle slang, idioms or accented letters well.)

Not all of these services will translate the same languages. If you are looking for a language not listed below, do a search on for "web page translation" and you can find other services, but please note that not all of them are free of charge. Translates Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish into English and vice versa. The site also translates Russian into English (but not back again) and German into French. Translates French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish both ways with English. Also translated English into Norwegian, but not vice versa. This site allows you to input accents on individual letters. Translates French, German, and Spanish both ways, and English into Italian and Portuguese. It will also convert text (but not web pages) both ways between English and Russian. Translates Both ways for German, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese with English. Also translates both ways for German/French, Spanish/French, and Italian/French.

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