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Earth and Moon Viewer
April 2002

As the weather grows ever more amenable to outdoor activities, don't overlook the old-fashioned charm of a night of moon-gazing. Prep yourself ahead of time with the Earth and Moon Viewer. This handy and informative web site allows visitors to explore the spatial relationship between the Earth, the Moon and the Sun. You can see a world-wide view of the Earth showing which parts are currently in shadow (night-time), you can see exactly which face of each sphere is showing towards the face of each of the other spheres, and you can look around from different viewpoints around the solar system. In addition, you can link out to weather imagery for the whole globe, as well as look at satellite images and sky maps. Make sure you check out the image of the earth at night, showing the bright firefly-like specks of city lights in populated areas. Then head out to see the celestial beauties for yourself, far away from those city lights if possible!

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