Adams Memorial Library 2013 Summer Reading Program

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2013 Adult Summer Reading Program
Dig It!
Welcome to the 60s!

Week 6: 1960's music

Listen to these music snippets and see if you can correctly identify the song. Write them down and bring it back for your chance at the Week 6 drawing!

Works in all browsers, but you may have to download a media player such as Quicktime.

1.Released in 1968

2. Released in 1964

3.Released in 1963

4. Released in 1966

5. Released in 1969

6. Released in 1967

7. Released in 1965

8. Released in 1968

9. Released in 1963

10. Released in 1961

Summer Reading Statistics
Updated LIVE!

Number of Participants:
Read-to-Me: 352
Summer Reading Club: 722
Teen Readers: 127
Adult Readers: 269
Grand Total: 1,470

Progress Report:
198,300 minutes
Summer Reading Club:
706,020 minutes
Teen Readers:
145,560 minutes
Adult Readers:
9,960 minutes
Grand Total:
1,059,840 minutes

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