Method Learning

Guide on how to access Method Learning ACT & SAT prep on the Libby app!

Loan Rules

  • Get easy access to Method Learning in the Libby App!
  • Free, unlimited, SAT, LSAT, and other test prep with your library card.
  • Engaging and understandable lectures by esteemed professors, professionals, and experts in topics ranging from history, science, language learning, and much more.
  • A library card is required to access this resource.
  • Checkout Period: Unlimited Access for 30-days
    • Each checkout provides a free 30-day access pass to watch.  After 30 days, checkout another 30-day access pass.
  • Overdue Fines: None
  • Compatible Devices: Most computers, smartphones, & tablets with compatible browsers

Getting Started

  1. Download the free Libby App or use it in your web browser
  2. Add “Westmoreland Library Network”
  3. Enter your library card number
  4. Select the BUILDING ICON, scroll down to “EXTRAS”, click on SEE ALL EXTRAS, then select “Method Learning”
  5. Click “Get Access” to activate your 30-day pass.
  6. Browse unlimited video courses, or search by title or subject
  7. Immediately begin streaming or saving courses to your wishlist!

Tutorials & Help