The Dead-a-Base features the obituaries and death notices that have appeared in the Latrobe Bulletin from 1902 to the present.  To search the database, please click HERE.

What is the Dead-a-Base?

The Dead-a-Base is a database index of the obituary and death notice listings as they appeared in the Latrobe Bulletin from their first issue December 18, 1902 to the present.

The index contains names, dates of death and dates on which the obituary appeared. This index does not contain the text of the information contained within an obituary. It simply allows researchers to determine if any obituary or death notice appeared in the Bulletin and what date it appeared on. In order to access information contained within an actual obituary, you will still need to access our microfilm and archive of the Bulletin.


Where do the index listings come from?

A dedicated squadron of library volunteers has painstakingly hand-entered information from 100 years of obituaries as they appeared in the Latrobe Bulletin. These volunteers searched literally page by page, day by day, through every issue available on microfilm and entered the names and dates into the database.  At this time, the obituaries are not available in digital form.


What dates are indexed?

December 18, 1902 to present.


What information is available in this database?

Currently, the volunteers have only entered names as they appeared in the paper, dates of death, and dates on which the obituary occurred.

If you need more information, such as that which is typically contained in the full text of an obituary, you can access the microfilm directly to obtain the full text. If you cannot come to the library to use our microfilm in person, please see our section below regarding mail service.


Obtaining Copies

To search the database, please click HERE.

At this time, you may get up to 10 searches per year for free.  For 11 or more searches, you will be charged $1.00 each.

You may email any questions about the service to  Please be aware that some email programs may block the reply as spam–you must add our address to your address book or check your junk email.

Please send the name of the person, date of obituary, and page number if listed.  Including the obituary date helps us find the notice the day it was printed, since most notices were printed up to a week after the death.

To send requests by regular mail, please use the following address:

Adams Memorial Library
ATTN. George Hamilton
1112 Ligonier St.
Latrobe, PA 15650

Notices are usually processed in 1 – 3 weeks depending on the volume of requests.


I can’t find the obituary I’m looking for. What do I do now?

Please note: the Latrobe Bulletin did not necessarily run an obituary or death notice for every individual. At present, the Latrobe Bulletin is the only newspaper indexed in the Dead-a-Base.  The paper only covered deaths within a few miles of Latrobe.  Also, the name may have had an error in the spelling.  If you have a year of death, staff can check a printed list to see if there is a close match.



If you have questions about the Dead-a-Base you can email us at



The contents of the Dead-a-base is the sole property of Adams Memorial Library and may not be used or reproduced without express written and prior permission.

Adams Memorial Library is not connected with the Latrobe Bulletin. The Library takes sole responsibility for the contents of the Dead-a-Base database. Likewise, the Library is not responsible for the contents of obituaries or death notices as printed in the Bulletin.

Names and dates are transcribed as they appeared in the Latrobe Bulletin. While we do our best to maintain an accurate index, we cannot be responsible for any errors printed in the Latrobe Bulletin. We do not verify the information in the Latrobe Bulletin from any other source. If you find an error in our index, please report it to us at or call the library at 724-539-1972.