Meeting Room Reservation

At Adams Memorial Library, we have two meeting rooms available for reservation.  Our rooms can only be used by individuals or organizations whose programs are of an educational or informative nature.  For more information, please see our Meeting Room Policy or contact the library via email or phone.

Lightcap Room

Quiet Study RoomThe Lightcap Room is located on the first floor of the library and houses the library’s biography section and the daily newspapers.  The room has three doorways, however only two of them have doors that shut.  It can seat 30 people comfortably without tables.

To reserve the Lightcap Room please call the circulation desk at 724-539-1972 or email the library at




Reed Room

Reed RoomThe Reed Room is on the bottom floor of the library, which can be accessed via a stairwell or elevator.  It has two doorways, both of which can be shut, and features a raise platform and white board.  It can seat 20 people comfortably without tables.

To reserve the Reed Room please call the Children’s Department at 724-537-4383 or email the library at