Latrobe was founded to provide railway yards and maintenance for the Pennsylvania Railroad when it was routed to the west toward Pittsburgh. Scenic environmental beauty and the location of Latrobe along the Pennsylvania Railroad were key factors for the development of a significant industrial hub, rich ethnic heritage, and a notable reputation for being on the threshold of major development. Steeped in history, tradition, education and culture, Latrobe’s notoriety comes from being a region of modern industry, recreation, and expanding technology. Latrobe continues to be a flourishing community of progressive citizens and up-to-date services.


Type: City
Land Area (sq mi): 2.3
Water Area (sq km): 0.00
Longitude: -079381171
Latitude: +40314940
Total Households: 3,786
Average Household Size: 2.2
Total Families: 2,457
Average Family Size: 2.9
Total Population: 8,338
American Indian: 11
Asian/Pacific Island: 50
Black/African American: 63
White: 8,126
Other: 14
Hispanic: 59
Under 18: 1,730
20 to 34: 1312
35 to 64: 1,480
65 and older: 1,614
Median Age Male: 38.9
Median Age Female: 43.8
School District: Greater Latrobe School District