Streaming Devices

Streaming Devices are now available to borrow from Adams Memorial Library, allowing you to watch your favorite shows!  The devices are limited to one device per library account and only available to Adams Memorial Library and Caldwell Memorial Library patrons.

Streaming Devices

Streaming devices can only be borrowed by patrons of Adams Memorial Library & Caldwell Memorial Library.  We offer the following: AppleTV+, BritBox, Disney+, Hulu, Paramount+ and Peacock.

AppleTV BritBox DisneyPlus

Hulu ParamountPlus Peacock




Required Equipment

• Broadband-speed internet
• A wireless connection
• A TV with an HDMI port (it does not have to be a smart TV)

Borrowing Rules

• You must have a library card in good standing and have been a borrower for at least six months.
• The loan period is three weeks.
• To give everyone a turn, you are not allowed to borrow the same device again for six months.
• Devices cannot be renewed or placed on hold.
• Limit one streaming device per household at a time.

Usage Rules

• Do not expose devices to extremes of heat, cold or moisture (hot vehicles)
• Do not erase or deregister library devices.
• Do not edit settings or passwords.
• Do not register for additional services or purchases using personal credit card information.
• Do not sign in/access your own streaming subscriptions using a library device.

Returning Rules

• Do not return devices to the outside book return box.
• Do not return to any other library.
• Return in the same condition as they were borrowed (clean, unbroken, with all parts, inside library container).

If a library streaming device is tampered with in any way, the borrower may be charged fines, up to and including full replacement cost for the device and the annual subscription price for the streaming services loaded on that device.

Streaming FAQs will be provided with each device.