Eclipse Glasses for April

Have no fear–the library is here!

On Monday, April 8 starting at approximately 2:02pm and lasting until 4:30pm, the sky shall darken and our sun will be partially, then fully blocked by our very own moon!  It is imperative at the time that you do NOT look directly at the sun with your naked eye! Come to the library and pick up a pair of special eclipse glasses so you may safely look at this natural phenomenon!

Glasses will be available starting Monday, March 18!


Can’t make it to the library?  That’s okay!  There are other ways to get your own safe solar viewers, filters, and glasses!

American Astronomical Society list of approved suppliers

Eclipse solar viewers, filters, and glasses safety info


Disclaimer: Adams Memorial Library is not affiliated in any way with the American Astronomical Society or endorse their suggestions of suppliers of solar viewers, filters, or glasses.